Trump Faces Legal Peril Over Election Lies


Former President Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election, amplified by right-wing media. They have brought him under serious legal scrutiny. Trump’s indictment on Tuesday marks the third this year. He is initiating his journey down a treacherous legal path similar to that of his media mouthpieces. Media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and One America News are already facing lawsuits for spreading Trump’s election falsehood. There are Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, two companies at the center of his lies, seeking justice through the courts.

Media Outlets in Legal Peril:

Fox News, known for its right-wing bias, suffered humiliation. It was forced to pay a historic $787 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems. They lies it broadcasted about the company, which were endorsed by the Trump team. Several other lawsuits against major MAGA media organizations remain pending. They are forcing them to defend Trump’s baseless election claims in court, where facts carry weight and hyperbolic rhetoric falls flat.

Trump Criticizing Media Allies:

While right-wing media companies grappled with their legal battles over Trump’s lies, the former president, who has a strained relationship with the truth, has been on the sidelines. Trump has criticized Rupert Murdoch, the right-wing media mogul, for not standing firm on his election lies during legal proceedings. Private messages from Murdoch revealed that he did not believe Trump’s election lies. He even considered having his influential hosts declare Joe Biden as the rightful winner in prime time to debunk the myth of a stolen election.

Indictment Alleging Trump’s Knowledge of Falsehoods:

In the recent indictment, special counsel Jack Smith accused Trump of knowing that his claims about election fraud were false. For over two months after the election, Trump continued to spread these lies, falsely asserting that he had won the election. Despite being aware of their falsehood, he persisted with his deceptive narrative.

Trump Entering the Legal Arena:

Trump’s legal battles will now place him in the same dangerous arena as his media allies. While his lies went unchallenged in right-wing media and were politically effective, the reality of the legal system will test their veracity. In court, Trump will be required to adhere to facts. He will faces the consequences of his false claims about the election.


The indictment of Donald Trump for his election lies marks a significant development in his legal troubles. He is mirroring the fate of his media allies who are already grappling with lawsuits over the same falsehoods. The lawsuits against media outlets demonstrate that spreading baseless claims has real-world consequences. As Trump now faces the reality of the legal system, he will learn that facts, not rhetoric, carry weight in a court of law. The outcome of his legal battles will serve as a critical reminder that truth matters, even for those in positions of power and influence.