Neeraj Khemlani Steps Down, Focus on Content Development

Neeraj Khemlani

Neeraj Khemlani, the President and co-head of CBS News, has announced his decision to step down from his role after a little over two years. In a memo to staffers, Khemlani revealed that he will begin a new chapter with a multi-year, multi-platform first look deal with CBS. This deal will involve content development, including documentaries, scripted series, and books for Simon & Schuster. The abrupt departure has left questions about his replacement and the leadership structure of the division.

Transition to Content Development

Khemlani shared the news of his departure in a memo, explaining that he is moving on to focus on content development for CBS. His new role will involve creating a range of content for the network, including documentaries, scripted series, and books in collaboration with Simon & Schuster. This new direction marks a significant shift from his role as the President and co-head of CBS News and TV stations.

Potential Successor and Leadership Transition

While the announcement of Khemlani’s departure was sudden, there was no immediate indication of who would replace him in his role. Wendy McMahon, who shared the title of President and co-head of CBS News and TV stations with Khemlani, is considered a possible successor. CBS CEO George Cheeks praised Khemlani in a separate memo and assured staff that more information about new leadership and the division’s structure would be provided soon.

Khemlani’s Impact and Challenges

During his time at CBS News, Khemlani made efforts to strengthen the division’s reporting capabilities by bringing in prominent journalists like Robert Costa and Cecilia Vega. Under his leadership, CBS News improved its ratings standing, although it still faced competition from other networks. However, his tenure was not without challenges, as he faced a human resources probe earlier in the year.

Context of Network News Chiefs Exiting

Khemlani’s departure adds to the series of changes in network news leadership in 2023. Chris Licht was dismiss from CNN, and Noah Oppenheim left NBC News earlier in the year. These shifts reflect the evolving landscape and challenges faced by network news divisions as they navigate changes in audience preferences and the media industry.


Neeraj Khemlani decision to step down as President and co-head of CBS News comes as a surprise, prompting speculation about the future leadership of the division. As he transitions to content development, his contributions to CBS News and the network’s efforts to remain competitive in the news industry will be remembered. The changing dynamics in network news leadership underscore the broader changes in the media landscape.