Google: Empowering Users to Manage Search Results

Google, the tech giant synonymous with online search, has introduced new privacy updates designed to empower US users with greater control over their online presence. The updates aim to provide users with the ability to manage and remove unwanted search results that contain personal information, offering a glimpse into a more user-centric approach to online…

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west bank

West Bank: IDF Leaves 3 Palestinians Dead

Tensions have once again escalated in the occupied West Bank as three Palestinians lost their lives in a confrontation with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at the Jenin Camp. The IDF announced the incident, framing it as the thwarting of a “terrorist cell” operating within the camp. This latest incident adds to the ongoing cycle…

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Explosions Target Bridges Linking Crimea Ukraine

A surge in hostilities has struck the volatile region as explosions rocked crucial road Bridges connecting occupied Crimea with components of the Kherson area below Russian control.   Russian authorities reported the incidents, highlighting the escalation in Ukraine’s targeting of Russian infrastructure and territory. This latest series of events unfolded in tandem with other provocative…

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Fitch Downgrades US Debt Amidst Debt Ceiling Drama

Fitch Ratings, a major credit agency, downgraded the US debt rating from AAA to AA+ on Tuesday, citing a “steady deterioration in standards of governance. This downgrade comes in the aftermath of intense negotiations by lawmakers over the debt ceiling earlier this year, which raised concerns about the nation’s potential first default. Additionally, the January…

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Trump Faces Legal Peril Over Election Lies

Former President Donald Trump’s false claims about the 2020 election, amplified by right-wing media. They have brought him under serious legal scrutiny. Trump’s indictment on Tuesday marks the third this year. He is initiating his journey down a treacherous legal path similar to that of his media mouthpieces. Media outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and…

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Drops China Risk

Hong Kong stock exchange is breaking away from the tradition of requiring companies to disclose China-related business risks in their listing applications. This move, which becomes effective immediately, aligns the city with Beijing’s disclosure changes. Revising the Listing Rules In a latest revision, the stock exchange decided to remove an entire section that once focused…

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San Francisco

San Francisco Files Complaint Against Twitter

The city of San Francisco has lodged a complaint against Twitter regarding the installation of a flashing “X” sign on top of their headquarters building. The complaint states that the new sign was put up without a proper permit, resulting in a notice of violation being issued for unauthorized work. The building’s owner, Elon Musk,…

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Dow Impressive Winning Streak Snapped

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) faced a setback on Thursday, putting an end to its remarkable 13-day winning streak. The blue-chip index dropped by 237 points, preventing it from achieving a 14th consecutive session of gains. Had the Dow managed to close higher on Thursday and Friday, it would have set a new record…

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Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates Again

The Federal Reserve has raised its in a single day financial institution lending fee for the 11th time in 17 months as a part of its competitive marketing campaign to fight inflation. The move may impact various consumer rates, leading to potential benefits and drawbacks for individuals. The central bank’s efforts to beat down inflation…

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