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Adumo consolidates payment solutions to streamline its business offering

Adumo, formerly known as Crossfin Transactional Solutions (CTS), is consolidating several of its leading Fintech payment businesses into a single brand that will use the Adumo name.

It recently unveiled these exciting plans at a partner event in its Bryanston offices, and explained that Sureswipe, Innervation Pan African Payments, Innervation Rewards, Adumo Online, Switchpay, and Humble will now merge into a single business unit.

This will allow Adumo to serve businesses across every vertical, product specification, and geography by combining the vast range of skills and resources of each of these units to deliver a more powerful product offering.

“The goal is to build a comprehensive ecosystem of value-added financial and business services to help our clients get paid while growing and optimizing their businesses,” said Adumo CEO Paul Kent.

This ecosystem will include innovative Android-based point-of-sale (POS) payment devices, an extensive suite of software-driven payment solutions, the ability to obtain capital for business growth, and even support for loyalty programmes.

Successful trial phase

Adumo has made big changes to its business systems to ensure the success of its new brand – including moving to new ERP and CRM systems and developing critical new skills across its workforce.

These changes have evidently been successful, as businesses that are part of the Adumo beta test have responded extremely positively to its new consolidated product suite.

“We’re already seeing great feedback from the market – our ecosystem has been a key determinant in increased turnover from those who have trialled Adumo,” said Kent.

“We’re extremely proud of the role we’ve played in disrupting the market in terms of pricing and offering.”

“We’re focused on continuing that through a unified financial services platform that simplifies and optimises payments for our clients,” he said.

The consolidated Adumo solution suite will officially launch to the market at the end of 2022.

A streamlined company

As a result of this consolidation process, the greater Adumo company will now have three market-facing brands:

  • Adumo – For formal businesses, SMEs, mid-market, and enterprise customers.
  • iKhokha – For informal and microbusinesses.
  • GAAP – The market leader in hospitality-specific solutions.

Each of these brands has a clear target market and is equipped with all the skills and resources to provide market-leading services to their clients.

Kent highlighted the important role Adumo’s committed and passionate employees have played in ensuring the consolidation process happens smoothly.

“We’ve focused on building a winning organisational culture that is necessary to compete and thrive within the popular Fintech market,” said Kent.

“I really can’t stress how great the Adumo crew has been as we’ve embarked on what is a challenging and complex process.”

Kent stressed that Adumo will continue to provide the excellent services that Innervation, Sureswipe, and Adumo Online are known for.

Click here to learn more about the consolidated Adumo product suite.

Adumo consolidates payment solutions to streamline its business offering

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