Free  Templates

Free template can help business and individuals to create a standard documents with consistent style and format. For web designer and web owners, template is a crucial elements in building a professional looking website. Template example can also server various purpose ranging from invitations to certificates etc.

sample templateMoodle is a free open source online learning portal that can help you build a online learning site. Moodle has a flexible template system that you can easily change the layout and style of your sites. The free moodle template we provide has a simple and clear design that you can easily customize for your own needs.

Invitation Template

Invitation template can help organizations and individuals to create various invitations. Invitation is a written request inviting someone to go somewhere or to do something. There are many occasions that we need to send out invitation in advance, for example, birthday invitation to ask your friends to join the party, baby shower invitation to invite family members, wedding invitation etc.

Plan Template

Plan template is a sample plan document for business and individuals to make business or personal plan for future tasks and activities.  A plan template will give you instructions on how to produce a well designed plan for different purpose.

Analysis  Template

Analysis template will analyze a particular situation for decision making. For example, a cost analysis template will give detail cost structure of a project, a campaign etc. A market analysis will analyze the market trends, the market potential, consumer etc.